As summer ends and our toes mourn the freedom of sandals, we start to think of all things Fall.  However, I never thought corn mazes would hit my radar.  I’m thinking about sweaters and fires and s’mores and a good pot of chili  (I use cocoa powder in my chili…really).  I was looking for something to write about because I just wasn’t sure this audience wants to see soups, stews and chowders – let me know if you do, I’d be happy to write about them!  But I digress – so I Googled ‘middle tennessee october events,’ and I learned that we sure are serious about our corn mazes here.  What an unexpected treat!
Corn Maze Fun Facts:
-Corn mazes date back at least 4,000 years to the time of Greek history.
Back then, mazes were not considered puzzles, but were used for rituals and processions.
-Since the 1970’s, navigating corn mazes has become a popular form of recreation.
-In the United Kingdom they call it a ‘maize maze.’  
-The largest corn maze in the world (45 acres!) is located in Dixon, California.
-A lot of farms get really creative, building works of art in the form of a maze.



If you’re interested in this popular fall pastime, here are a few local farms that offer mazes:
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